Liam Neeson Joins South Korean War Drama OPERATION CHROMITE

Ballymena native Liam Neeso Liam Neeson (‘A Walk Among The Tombstone,’ ‘Taken’) is to portray US war hero General Douglas MacArthur in director John H. Lee’s South Korean war drama ‘Operation Chromite.’

Featuring a script by Lee Man-Hee (‘71: Into The Fire’), the films looks at the Battle of Incheon, a major turning point in 1950 in the Korean War in which United Nations forces launched a surprise attack against communist North Korean forces. Operation Chromite was the codename for the operation. The Korean War was fought between 1950-1953 and ended in a stalemate that exists today, with simmering hostilities between the Western-allied South and Communist North.

Deadline hears that Lee’s film will focus on eight Korean war heroes and the key role they played in the operation. No other castings have been announced.

‘Operation Chromite’ is expected to begin filming later this year with producers hoping to have the film released in time for anniversary of the Korean War on June 25th 2016.