Liam Neeson Interview For Taken

At 56, Liam Neeson took his time stepping into his first full-out action role

In a career spanning over 25-years, Liam Neeson has played all manner of men – from historical figures (Schlinder’s List) to comic villains (Batman Begins), even Star Wars! But now the 56-year Ballymena man is taking his most radical departure yet – the action hero. In his film ‘Taken’, Liam Neeson is part Bourne, part Terminator, pursuing a group of kidnappers who have abducted his daughter.

Paul Byrne spoke with the Irish actor  recently about his latest role, working with Stephen Spielberg on ‘Lincoln’ and returning home to Belfast for his next film ‘Five Minutes of Heaven’, which is shown next week at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.


‘Taken’ is out on DVD in Ireland on Feb 6th 2009 – It’s currently #1 at the American Box Office.