Justice League Movie Back On

Set in North America in the 1700s, Solomon Kane takes on deadly human forces as he seeks revenge against the sorcerer who destroyed his family.

After shelving the project in January (due to the writer’s strike), Warner today announced plans to release the superhero action film Justice League in 2009. The movie, which was previously rumoured to featured motion capture technology similar to Beowulf will feature DC comic characters familiar to movie goers like Batman and Superman alongside traditional comic heroes like Wonder Woman, The Flash and The Green Lantern.

Happy Feet director George Miller is currently prepping this new version of the popular DC comic and spin-off cartoon in Australia with a script written by husband and wife duo Michele and Kieran Mulroney. Though unconfirmed, the current rumour circulating is that the film will be titled ‘Justice League: Mortal’

So far the following are confirmed in the cast:
Adam Brody (The Flash),
Arnie Hammer Jr. (Batman),
Megan Gale (Wonder Woman),
Common (Green Lantern),
Teresa Palmer  (Talia Al Ghul)
and Hugh Keays-Bryne (Martian Manhunter).