Juno Star Cera talks Arrested Development

Arrested Development The Movie? News to Michael Cera.

Remember when we brought you the news of an upcoming Arrested Development film? Well it seems there is good news and bad news or more accurately confusing news regarding the Bluth Family’s move to the big screen.

While Juno star Jason Bateman may have announced that the upcoming film was well into development, his AD and Juno co-star Michael Cera has reported that he had no idea about the film. When asked about the film, Cera said:

“Is this true? Really? Well [Jason Bateman] would probably know more about it than I would.” Cera said when the movie was mentioned. When asked if he’d reprise his role as cousin loving nerd George Michael, he answered, “Um, yeah, I think so. I would love to do it … it’d be fun.” 

Likewise David Cross, who plays ‘never nude’ Tobias  in the show commented that, “As long as I don’t have to paint myself blue or wear a fatsuit, I’d love to [do it]. I would do that in a heartbeat. That was a really fun character to do, and it’d be great to work with all those guys again. I’d do it in a second.”

So the fate of the show seems unclear. Is this the end of the Bluth empire or as Ron Howard says in the epilogue ‘I sees it as a movie rather than a series’. What do you think?