Jumper sequel in the works

Jumper Director talks about possible sequel

It’s not entirely unexpected. After jumping to the number
one spot in the cinema charts, ‘Jumper’ director Dough Liman is already talking
sequels. While neither cast, crew nor budget have been set for the film, the
director has hinted at the possibility of a time travel sequel. While the film
may have recieved mixed reactions, there is no denying that the sci-fi premise
of ‘Jumper’ is a solid one. The talks are, at this stage, very much preliminary.
Liman, who previously directed films such as ‘The Bourne Identity’ and
‘Swingers’, is currently committed to two other projects. First, the Untitled
Valerie Plame Biopic starring Nicole Kidman, and second, his 2009 Untitled Moon
Project with Jake Gyllenhaal.

‘Jumper’ is out now  in Irish cinemas nationwide.