John Wraith

Mutant Alias: JOHN WRAITH

Real Name : John Wraith



Known Abilities: He was part of Team X along with Wolverine, Sabretooth, Maverick, Mastodon, and Silver Fox. Wraith was a powerful teleporter, capable of getting the team out of sticky situations after their job was finished. He had a penchant for explosives, arming himself with shaped charges. Like the other members of Team X, he was given an artificial age suppressant so he was likely much older than he looked. His time as a secret agent and a member of the Weapon X program has left John somewhat paranoid. His house is a veritable death trap, as is the yard around it – John trusts no one. This is well illustrated by his memorable introductory scene: as an apparently harmless gentleman sitting on a New York subway, he is accosted by several members of a teen gang, who threaten him. He throws something which bounces off of the chest of the gang leader. When the leader asks “What was that?” Wraith replies, deadpan, “That was a copper-jacketed .45 ACP hot-load with a depleted uranium core swimming in mercury. It leaves an exit wound the size of a deep-dish chicken pot pie, and the next one will be considerably faster.” He was thereafter undisturbed.


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