JK Simmons To Narrate Reitmans YOUNG ADULT

Having being cast in all of Jason Reitman’s movies to date, it seems that actor J.K. Simmons may be the director’s good luck charm.

Actor JK Simmons has revealed that he will provide the narration for Jason Reitman’s upcoming dark comedy ‘Young Adult.’

“Not unlike True Grit with the Coen Brothers, you will not see me in Young Adult, but you will hear me,” Simmons tells ComingSoon. “They asked me to do the voice-over when they were in post-production and then Jason asked me to do the voice-over in Young Adult, because at this point, I’m his good luck charm. I’ve been in every feature he’s directed.”

The film, which reunites Reitman with ‘Juno’ scribe Diablo Cody, centers on Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron), a young adult genre writer who, following her divorce, heads back to her Midwest hometown to try to figure her life out. There, however, she tries to reconnect with her now-married-with-kids ex-boyfriend Buddy Slade (Patrick Wilson). Patton Oswalt joins the cast as a semi-crippled old high school acquaintance who befriends the narcissistic and misguided female.