JJ Abrams video Interview for Star Trek

The director of Star Trek talks about the end of Lost & the rebirth of Kirk and Spock.

With a 42-year back catalogue to contend with, how did J.J Abrams – a self described “Star Wars” man – pick and choose for his 21st century remaining of Star Trek?

As Movies.ie learned in our first Star Trek video interview, the trick for J.J Abrams was to boldly go forward in a new direction – telling his own story rather than a simple return to the Star Trek of old:


And kudos where it’s due, the “Lost” creator has managed to successfully produce a film that caters for both sci-fi fans and newcomers alike. Here, Paul Byrne goes warp speed with the director discussing the new generation of Star Trek and the much anticipated Lost conculsion, which will end after season 6 this summer.


Star Trek” is out now to buy or rent on DVD.
Lost is showing on Sky and RTE 2.