Jesse Negron’s DRAVN Getting Film Adaptation

Graphic novel headed to the big screen.

Universal Pictures-based banner Dravnverse has announced that preproduction will begin early next year on the first ‘Dravn’ movie, which has been in development for five years concurrently with the upcoming ‘Dravn’ graphic novel trilogy being produced by Stellar Labs (‘Hulk,’ ‘Superman,’ ‘X-Men’) from creator Jesse Negron and editor Dave Elliott.

‘Dravn’ is a dark, mythic, scandalous take on our own world with tech-augmented super hero-like, or demi-god versions of famous warriors and their respective villains we all know, such as AKILEZ (Achilles), ROML (Rommel), VLAAD (Vlad the Impaler), and J-ARC (Joan of Arc), to name a few. Throughout the ages, the stories of the Dravn have been hidden within holy books, fairy tales, secret societies and black ops… stories of those who were rumoured to possess the power of gods.

The Dravn warriors live in separate time periods, but they are all connected and influence one another. The Dravn world is a parallel Earth where everything has gone terribly wrong. AKILEZ is crippled by PTSD; J-ARC refuses to burn at the stake; Camelot is an Orwellian police state; D-Day is lost, leading to a Nazi occupation of America. What has caused the events of the world to come undone? The answer lies in our time, with a teenage girl named Britney who lives in a trailer park on the edge of a dying desert town.

The whole ‘Dravn’ saga begins with a mysterious box unearthed at an archaeological dig in Tunisia; what is inside is pretty shocking and sparks a precipitous series of events that crash into that girl from a trailer park– Britney. The first ‘Dravn’ movie and graphic novel trilogy will be Britney’s story.

Dravnverse head honcho Tom Sanders is serving as executive producer with James Knight (‘The Amazing Spider-Man,’ ‘Avatar,’ ‘King Kong’) heading up the special FX team. Lead concept artist will be Keith Thompson (‘Pacific Rim,’ ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’) with other conceptual art contributed by Rob Prior. WETA’s Richard Taylor (‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’) is on board to help build the ‘Dravn’ world.