Jason Segel Talks Muppets

Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s Jason Segel talks about his upcoming Muppets film.

Jason Segel is talking about his upcoming Muppets film.

Speaking about the film the ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ actor said, “All I can say is that we are trying to bring it back to the early ’80s movies where it’s not Muppets in the Sahara or Muppets Underwater. It’s the Muppets getting back together to put on a show to save the studio.”

In regards to the plans for music, Segel said he intends to ask original Muppets songwriter Paul Williams to return for the new film. “His songs were the best. We’ve written temp songs, but we’d like to fill them in with legitimate musician songs.”

When asked about using CGI to create the Muppets, Segel expressed that he is adamantly against it. “No, no, no. Hopefully it will fall right in the pantheon of The Great Muppet Caper, Muppets Take Manhattan, The Muppet Movie. You know, we’re trying to make one of those.”

EXTRAs: It is reported that Segel signed on to the project based on his latest film ‘Sarah Marshall’. In the film, Segel’s character writes a Dracula musical performed by puppets. The puppets were custom made by the Henson geniuses. Segel took the chance to pitch a concept to the Muppets and the rest was history.