James Cameron talks Avatar

Video interview from E3 with Titanic/Terminator director James Cameron

Lazy James Cameron has been on a break from directing Hollywood movies since 1997’s Titanic. Now that Terminator Salvation is out of the way, Cameron is ready to show his face to promote his new project ‘Avatar‘, which opens in Ireland in December 2009.

Until now, very few details have been released about Avatar, we now know a basic plot where Terminator Salvation star Sam Worthington plays a paralyzed ex-marine, who travels to faraway Pandora, a planet inhabited by the Na’vi tribe. Here he explores via a remote link that controls the body of a powerful 10-foot blue alien/human hybrid Avatar. In the deep Pandora jungle, he encounters many exotic creatures, including a gorgeous Na’vi warrior, voiced by Zoe Saldana.

James Cameron made an appearance at E3 to promo the videogame for his 3-D performance capture epic Avatar. The game is scheduled to tie in with the movie in December. The below interview shows Cameron talk about the 3-D third-person game, which is crammed with even more creatures, gadgets and weapons than the film but he reveals a few Avatar nuggets along the way.

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Avatar opens in Irish Cinemas in December 2009