James Badge Dale Reunites with Joe Carnahan for STRETCH

Micro-budget project fills outs supporting cast.

Director Joe Carnahan has announced, via Twitter, that James Badge Dale (‘The Lone Ranger,’ ‘World War Z,’ ‘Iron Man 3,’ ‘Flight’) has become the latest addition to cast of his low-budget comedic thriller, ‘Stretch.’

The film stars Patrick Wilson (‘Insidious,’ ‘The Conjuring’) as a limo driver who discovers he only has one shift left to pay off a big debt, and he rolls the dice. When the chauffeur picks up a reclusive billionaire (played by Chris Pine) with some deviant appetites, the driver vows to fulfil the guy’s every request, no matter how weird, to score the big tip that could square him. However, as the night grows stranger and the driver is pushed into some very dangerous encounters, he worries that the freak in his back seat might just be his final fare.

Ed Helms (‘The Hangover’) co-stars, with model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker (‘Battleship,’ ‘Just Go With It’) also attached to play Wilson’s ex-girlfriend.

Additionally, TheWrap is hearing that Ray Liotta, David Hasselhoff, and Shaun Toub (Iron Man, The Kite Runner) have also joined the cast. Toub is said to be playing Wilson’s “no-nonsense” employer, while Liotta and the “Hoff” will cameo as themselves.

The micro-budget film is set to begin principal photography June 30th in Los Angeles.