Jack Reynor Cast In WWII-Set Drama HHHH

Jason Clarke (‘Terminator Genisys’), Rosamund Pike (‘Gone Girl’), Wicklow native Jack Reynor (‘Glassland’), Jack O’ Connell (’71’) and Mia Wasikowska (‘Maps to the Stars’) have all been tapped to star in director Cedric Jimenez’s WWII-set drama ‘HHHH.’

Based on the prize-winning debut novel by French writer Laurent Binet, the film sees Clarke playing Reinhard Heydrich, the highest-ranked Nazi officer who was considered to be the mastermind of the “Final Solution” and was assassinated by two resistance paratroopers in 1942.

Reynor and O’Connell will portray the Czech and Slovak-born paratroopers, who had been personally chosen by Winston Churchill and President of Czechoslovakia Edvard Beneš.

Pike will take on the role of Heydrich’s wife Lina, who was a member of the German aristocracy and reportedly introduced Heydrich to the Nazi ideology. Wasikowska will star as a Czech resistance fighter.

“HHHH is a utterly compelling story which juxtaposes two antagonist forces – the worst and the best of human nature,” producer Alain Goldman told Variety. “In the first chapter, we portray Heydrich intimately and professionally, and we shed light on his darkest side; while in the second chapter, we follow the two paratroopers as they embark on a foolish yet epic mission to kill Heydrich,”

Filming will begin in Prague and Budapest early August with the screenplay coming from David Farr, Audrey Diwan and Jimenez.