Interview – Jeremy Ray Taylor talks IT CHAPTER 2

How was it coming back to the town of Derry with Andy (Muschietti), Finn (Wolfhard), Sophia (Lillis), Jaeden (Lieberher), the whole gang?

It was really amazing it was like a giant family reunion that I never even knew I even needed. It was almost a  little scary like going back to these places where we experienced all these scary things in but so much more grown up. So it was really great.

So what was it like meeting Jay Ryan? You’ve said in previous interviews that you had a kind of speed dating style of bonding session so that he could get your mannerisms. So what was it like working with Jay Ryan, who plays your adult self?

It was really interesting. I mean I don’t think many people get to meet their older self so it was very surreal and very fun. It was really great Jay is an amazing person we got along really well and it’s going to turn out beautifully in the film.

You’ve been away awhile from Bill Skarsgård and I’ve always remembered that interview where you and the rest of the cast were kept away from him for two before you saw him. What was it like coming back and seeing him again?

It was terrifying I forgot how frickin’ scary Bill Skarsgård was so yeah it was definitely scary to relive that traumatic experience but also really great.

What was the atmosphere on set this time around? What did director Andy Muschietti do this time around different from the first film?

That’s a really good question. I feel one amazing thing about Andy is that no matter how big the movie got he stayed with his roots and he did what he knew worked and he still made it feel like family. He still made the set feel amazing and really welcoming. He did a lot of the same things that he did in the first film and I think that’s going to show in the quality of IT 2.

In IT 2 were there any moments that terrified you. I remember several interviews you saying there were one or two moments but nothing too much. Is it amped much more in IT 2?

I cannot explain to you how amped in the second film it will be much, much more terrifying.

You know Jeremy you’re a young actor probably looking to build on your growing talent what was it like having James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Jay himself around you. Did you pull from their experience?

It was surreal to even meet them and be on the same set as them it was really surreal, it was awesome. Just being on the same set as them made me feel more professional I felt like I wasn’t a kid anymore it was really cool and a great experience.

It’s been a couple of years between films have you kept in touch with many of your co-stars?

We all keep in touch all the time actually. I was literally talking to them this morning. We’re all amazing friends. It’s really great.

Now with regard to your family what do they think when they see you in visceral films like IT and IT 2?

I think as a family as a whole we all got really excited when I first got the role whenever my family visit the set it’s so much fun so I think we all get really excited.

Are there any other types of film that you’d like to work in because you were also in Goosebumps 2?

Well, I’d love to tap into some comedy but I love the horror stuff because you get to dig deep into your emotions and it takes a lot of work but I love me some comedy so I’d love to work more in that genre.

When it came to the set pieces of IT 2 do any come to mind?

Well I’d love to talk about it but I do have to keep it quiet but I can tell you everything Andy has done including the casting, everything is amazing and you will love it.

Were you surprised at how big the original film became when it was released?

I was absolutely shocked I had no idea I was absolutely terrified and the day the first trailer dropped was when all my nerves left but even the day the movie dropped I was still very nervous about how it would do and it completely exceeded my expectations.

What were your thoughts on the first trailer for IT 2?

They played their cards right because everyone thinks this is terrifying but they have no idea what is in store for them.

How did the rest of the cast feel when coming back to IT 2?

Everyone agreed that it felt really great and fun when we arrived back to this place we were at three years ago. We took it in more this time because we’re a little older and wiser and it was really great to get back together and do the exact same stuff that we felt nostalgic for.

Ben was such a fascinating character in IT are you excited to see how he’s changed between then and now?

I am absolutely stoked to see everything in IT 2 it’s going to be a giant rollercoaster of emotions.

It’s a big film with an equally big story so what how did you all feel when it was all over and you wrapped filming?

It was bittersweet because we all put our blood sweat and tears into it and to see it end really sucked but at the same time we were all happy to see our work come together and become a film. I’m really excited to see how it all shapes up.

How does it feel saying goodbye to Ben and this role which was one of your first roles?

Again it’s bittersweet. It’s exciting but it’s also sad because I did put a lot of work into this character and I love being a part of this character for so long and it will always be a part of me but it has to come to an end at some point and I hope it’ll be a high note.

IT – CHAPTER 2 is now showing in Irish cinemas