Interview Brad Pitt

With six kids, the world’s sexiest woman as his other-half and the whole world watching his every move, it’s a wonder Brad Pitt has managed to keep his sanity this long. Read our interview with the man himself…

Even now he admits the sleepless nights caused by answering the cries of two-month-old twins Knox and Vivienne is threatening to send him just a little barmy.

In the Coen brothers’ comedy Burn After Reading, Brad plays a bubble-headed gym jock who finds a lost CIA data disc in a locker room and attempts to blackmail its owner.

Having taken more serious roles of late, the Hollywood heartthrob turns the tables to team up with best buddy George Clooney again and put a new spin on the term dumb blond.

His many admirers will be seeing plenty of him in the coming months too. While Angelina is home playing mom, Brad is playing a range of characters in a rich return to form on the big screen. Of course when Ange is ready to get back to Hollywood, the call will come for Brad to be househusband, but for now the Fight Club star says he’s happy to be playing dumb at the movies.

Here Brad tells how he and Angelina are coping with their ever-growing international family, how he isn’t quite as stupid as he looks – on film!

Q: First of all congratulations on the twins. How are Angelina and the babies?
BP: “All good. Everyone is healthy and everyone is great. Sleep is something we long for but we get along. Everything is great.”

Q: You play a real knucklehead in this movie. What made you want to take on a role like this?
BP “Well I had been trying to get into a Coen Brothers movie for some time so when they called I was very happy to be there. But after reading the part , which they said was handwritten for myself, it’s true that I was not sure
whether to be flattered or insulted (laughs). I’m still a bit unsure. But it was just great fun to be there.”

Q: Often we hear actors talk about how attractive it is to play an age or intelligence less than your own. What is it that you find exciting about that?
BP: “It’s just much more fun to play the guys who make the wrong choices, have limited experience, and make the wrong presumptions. They have to deal with it from there. That is all the fun we had with this one.”


Q: Are you anything like your character in real life?
BP: “Oh yeah, a lot of that came from home (laughs).”

Q: Who is the inspiration for your character in this movie?

BP: “Like I say, that was all me. That was all me in a former day (laughs). No, I really don’t know. It’s a mystery to even me and I’m somewhat disturbed by it all, including my other half. She’s disturbed by it as well I think. I can’t really say, it was just this idea of assuming or presuming a situation would go the way it’s supposed to go and it doesn’t. Then not
understanding how there is any other realm of possibility.”

Q: Are you and Angelina going to work together again?
BP: “Angie and I are working together every day, I guarantee you (laughs).”

Q: This is such a different role from what we’ve seen you play in the past. How did you prepare for it?
BP: “You approach them all the same way. You just start understanding their arithmetic. It’s how they view the world, give them the situation and how they respond to it. It’s really no different, this one from any other one. You just don’t know if it’s going to work or not.”

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