INTERVIEW : André Rieu talks about his upcoming cinema event

Known for his energetic and festive live performances and with album and DVD sales of more than 40 million worldwide, André Rieu is the world’s leading pop classical artist and consistently appears on the worldwide list of highest-grossing touring artists. His Johann Strauss Orchestra, with up to 60 musicians, began in 1987, and for over three decades his spectacular live shows have gained him hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world.

On January 4th & 5th 2020, Andre will bring a 70th birthday celebration from his castle in Maastricht live to cinemas across Ireland. In this exclusive cinema event we discover how his life and experiences are reflected in his breathtaking concerts.This unique anniversary event will take you on an unbelievable journey around the world to André Rieu’s most amazing concert locations, such as Schönbrunn Vienna, Radio City Music Hall New York, Brazil, Mexico, the Coronation Concert in Amsterdam and Australia.

ANDRÉ RIEU: 70 YEARS YOUNG will play in cinemas on January 4th & 5th 2020
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Below the man himself talks about this exciting event hitting cinemas next January

 Firstly congratulations André on all of your success. Is there anything in the  last few years that have stood out for you?
Thank you for your kind wishes! The last few years have been amazing in terms of touring! In 2018/2019 we toured all over Europe, South America, Australia, Asia and in 2020 we will return to the USA, and of course Ireland. Also I think that the tradition of my Maastricht summer concerts is something, which makes me very happy and proud. We started giving these concerts in July 2005 and they have grown fantastically since then: last summer, 150.000 people from 99 nationalities were counted on the Vrijthof Square, people from all around the world travel to my hometown and that is really wonderful and unbelievable!

– What makes your event cinema screenings so special that they continuously break records world wide?
The cinema specials are a wonderful opportunity for people who are not able to join us live to experience the concert. I try to create a joyful atmosphere the people are invited to show all varieties of emotions at my concerts, and the same goes for the cinema screenings. I hear my audience is laughing, crying, even dancing in the aisles in between the chairs of a cinema. Isn’t that great? It has become a tradition to show my Vrijthof Open Airs in the Cinema during the summer, but we are now also putting on a festive cinema broadcast around Christmas or the New Year because the number of participating cinemas is increasing every year. Every detail you see is real, nothing is fake – that probably is the vital factor for the worldwide success of the cinematic concerts!

– You have dedicated your entire life to classical music and you leave audiences visibly moved time and time again. Can you tells us what it is that continues to drive and inspire you  as you celebrated your 70th birthday?  
I reached the age of 70 on the 1st of October, but I don’t feel like that; it’s not a real job I have, more like a hobby because it gives me such a good feeling, day after day. But the reaction of my audience is something that keeps my engine running; all these happy smiles in front of me, whether in Ireland or Australia, Denmark or Colombia… in every city men and women seem to have a wonderful evening – and when they have a good feeling, I have it too. It is really gratifying when I realize, that I’m able to make people happy with my music! I have made a new CD, Happy Days, a celebration of love and life and when my wife Marjorie and I put the music together that was exactly how we felt: Happy and very romantic!

– You could live anywhere in the world, please tell us what makes Maastricht so special to you?
It is the town where I was born 70 years ago; it is the oldest city in the Netherlands, its location is quite central in between Germany, Belgium, France and England… and the European Union has its cradle in Maastricht too. It has a lot to offer for its inhabitants but also for tourists: nice shops, beautiful surroundings, good restaurants, cultural places for a visit (lime stone caves, churches, museums, too much to mention). And most of all: the atmosphere is very warm, because of the friendly people.

– You have a very loyal Irish following, can you recall a special moment in Ireland? 
One of the memories I cherish the rest of my life, is performing with John Sheahan, violinist of the Dubliners; he is very kind, friendly and a fantastic musician. The Irish audience is my favourite because they are so musical, which you can see and hear inside the concert hall, in the all day street life (musicians and dancers everywhere!)… the Irish seem to breathe music and have such a great sense of humour. Dublin is one of the few cities on my European tour where I perform two concerts every year and I cannot wait to be back in April.

– What can we expect from our 70th Birthday celebration in cinemas?
Director Mike Wiseman (who is responsible for the series on Sky Arts) made an outstanding compilation of the concerts we had throughout the past decades, in combination with countless back stage moments, interviews and other beautiful things. I really hope that a lot of people come to celebrate my birthday party in the cinema! It was filmed at my castle in Maastricht, so it is lovely to show people my home and invite them to share the highlights of my career once again with me.

– Anything special you would like for Christmas?
I hope that my health stays with me for many years to come and that it enables me to perform for the same period. But also a happy family (both the big one, my orchestra, and the small one, my wife, sons and grand children) is important for me. They are already happy but I hope, both will stay happy! And I hope we will finally reach peace in the world. Maybe music can help a little to do so. Because music brings people together.

ANDRÉ RIEU: 70 YEARS YOUNG will play in cinemas on January 4th & 5th 2020
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