Inception voted best movie of 2010 by Moviesie visitors

The Social Network comes in second place, followed by Toy Story 3, Kick-Ass and His & Hers.

All this week we’ve been revealing the winners of our 2010 year end poll, Skyline already won title of Worst movie of the year but now it’s time to reveal the cream of the crop….

Probably no surprise to anyone but Christopher Nolan’s thriller INCEPTION was voted in first place with a huge 14.95% of votes. It’s only real competition came from David Fincher’s THE SOCIAL NETWORK which got a respectable 9.25% of votes. The Pixar/Disney movie TOY STORY 3 came in third place and Kick-Ass rated surprisingly high after just a very average box office performance. The full list is below.

1/ Inception – 14.95% votes
2/ The Social Network – 9.25%
3/ Toy Story 3 – 7.47% votes
4/ Kick-Ass – 6.05% votes
5/ His & Hers – 4.98% votes
6/ Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1 – 4.63% votes
7/ Shutter Island – 3.2% votes
8/ Up In The Air – 2.85%
9/ Scott Pilgrim Vs The World – 2.85%
10/ Alice In Wonderland – 2.95% votes

11/ A Single Man
12/ Avatar (special Edition)
13/ The Expendables
14/ The Town
15/ Easy A
16/ A Prophet
17/ Get Him To The Greek
18/ The A-Team
19/ Bad Lieutenant : Port Of Call New Orleans
20/ The Crazies 

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Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll, lets do it all again next year.