Images from NOBODY WALKS with John Krasinski, Olivia Thirlby & Rosemarie DeWitt

A set of images from Ry Russo-Young indie drama.

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“Martine, a 23-year-old artist from New York, arrives in Los Angeles to stay in the pool house of a family living in the hip and hilly community of Silver Lake. Peter, the father, has agreed to help Martine complete sound design on her art film as a favor to his wife. Martine innocently enters the seemingly idyllic life of this open-minded family with two kids and a relaxed Southern California vibe. Like a bolt of lightning, her arrival sparks a surge of energy that awakens suppressed impulses in everyone and forces them to confront their own fears and desires. Exquisitely orchestrated by Ry Russo-Young (‘You Won’t Miss Me’) and cowritten by Lena Dunham (‘Tiny Furniture’), this potent charting of inner urges and sufferings links characters in an intricate dance of lust, denial, and deception.”