IFI screens stunning moon images

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In a world cinema exclusive, the Irish Film Institute (IFI) will screen new high definition TV images from the moon as part of its Education Programme.


The images, taken by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) within the last few weeks, include striking pictures of the ‘Earth Rise’ and the ‘terminator’, the line where the moon’s day and night sides meet. IFI Education will be screening the new footage as an introduction to the documentary feature ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’, which brings together most of the surviving members of the Apollo missions.


The film will be introduced with a specially filmed address from Harrison Hagan ‘Jack’ Schmitt, (born 3 July, 1935), an American geologist, former NASA astronaut and US Senator, and the twelfth person to walk on the moon.


For further information on the IFI’s education programme click HERE


The IFI education programme schedule is included below:


1 April, IFI, Dublin

2 April, IFI, Dublin

7 April, Letterkenny

10 April, Galway Eye

15 April, Athlone

18 April, Dundalk

22 April, Waterford

25 April, Cork

29 April, IFI, Dublin

1 May, IFI, Dublin