Hugo Weaving joins Last Ride

Spanning 20 years and two continents, “Mary and Max” tells of a pen-pal relationship between two very different people: Mary Dinkle, a chubby, lonely eight-year-old living in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia; and Max Horovitz, a severely obese, 44-year-old Jewish man with Asperger’s Syndrome living in the chaos of New York City. As “Mary and Max” chronicles Mary’s trip from adolescence to adulthood, and Max’s passage from middle to old age, it explores a bond that survives much more than the average friendship’s ups-and-downs. Like Elliot and Coombs”Oscar(R) winning animated short “Harvie Krumpet”, “Mary and Max”is both hilarious and poignant as it takes us on a journey that explores friendship, autism, taxidermy, psychiatry, alcoholism, where babies come from, obesity, kleptomania, sexual differences, trust, copulating dogs, religious differences, agoraphobia and many more of life’s surprises.

Aussie actor Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, V for Vendetta) has boarded helmer Glendyn Ivin’s “The Last Ride.”

The film, which will be shot on location in Australia, is an emotional road trip seen through the eyes of a young boy accompanying his father on the lam.

Nicholas Cole and Antonia Barnard (“The Painted Veil”) will produce the film.

EXTRAs: Director Ivin previously won a Palme d’Or for his short film “Cracker Bag.”