Horror Franchise SLEEPAWAY CAMP Getting Reboot Treatment

Cult slasher film to get update…

The guys over at Deadline are hearing that the 1983 horror classic ‘Sleepaway Camp’ is next on the reboot line, with producer Jeff Katz (‘Shoot ‘Em Up,’ ‘Snakes On A Plane’) looking to acquire the remake rights with plans for a contemporary remake.

Directed by Robert Hiltzik, the original centred on the slightly disturbed and painfully shy Angela (played by Felissa Rose), who is sent away to summer camp with her cousin. The young woman’s summer soon turns into a bloodbath when a killer begins offing campers.

According to the site’s sources, Katz is looking to reboot the franchise in a modern setting with the aim of keeping the psychosexual elements that made the first film such a cult favourite.