HMV to open cinemas in stores

You could be watching films in your local HMV pretty soon.

Music and DVD store HMV is to diversify its business by adding cinemas and cafe-bars into its bigger stores.

The idea is being trialled at the HMV store in Wimbledon London this autumn. It will feature three screens, including a 200 seater boasting luxury seating. Cinema goers will also be able to buy films from a special area in the HMV cinema.


Access to the cinema will be through the HMV store during the day, while a seperate entrance will open in the evenings.


HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said: “Obviously, it if proves successful, as we hope and believe it will, we can consider rolling the concept to other appropriate HMV stores in the chain, and it’s possible some of our larger stores could be considered – although it’s still very early days and I’d say that such a prospect is quite a long way off right now.”


The move is part of an effort by HMV to diversify away from selling CDs and DVDs.

HMV recently took over five Zavvi stores in Ireland, which join it’s existing network of nine stores.

No decision will be made on rolling out the HMV cinemas in Ireland until after the Wimbledon trial run.

Watch this space!