Will replace Paul Walker in as the nameless assassin…

British actor Rupert Friend, probably best known for his role as Peter Quinn in ‘Homeland,’ is “in talks” to replace Paul Walter as the lead in Fox International’s ‘Agent 47,’ says Variety.

Marking the feature debut of commercials director Aleksander Bach, the film is a sequel to 2007s ‘Hitman’ starring Timothy Olyphant that was based on the hugely popular videogame by Square Enix.

The sequel, penned by script by Kyle Ward, Skip Woods, and Michael Finch, follows the titular character, a genetically engineered elite assassin who finds himself tasked with protecting a waitress targeted a group known as the Syndicate, although she may be more than she seems.

Alex Young, Chuck Gordon and Adrian Askarieh are producing; Daniel Alter is on board to serve as executive producer.