Harrison Ford interviewed by Cowboys Aliens director Jon Favreau

Director Jon Favreau boots out journalists and interviews his cast and crew himself…

Director Jon Favreau has decided to take the publicity for his new film COWBOYS & ALIENS into his own hands and is filming EPK interviews himself. 
First up is Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford, his interviews have been released by Favreau in bite-sized clips, check them out below. 

Harrison Ford – The Hat

Harrison Ford – No Co-Pilot

Harrison Ford – Human Scale

Harrison Ford – 30 Pages

Harrison Ford – On Story Boards

Harrison Ford – As Written

Harrison Ford – Serendipity

If you want more Harrison Ford, check out the interview he did with Movies.ie last year here

You can be amongst the first Irish audiences to see COWBOYS & ALIENS at Movie Fest in Dublin’s cineworld cinemas this August – Ticket information is coming soon.