Happy birthday Kevin Spacey!

Join us as we celebrate the career of the Oscar winning actor

Kevin Spacey began his career on stage before being cast in supporting roles on the Silver Screen; his stage role was as a spear carrier in a New York Shakespeare Festival performance of Henry VI, part 1 in 1981. While we are sure he did a great job, the actor has become beloved for his film and TV roles.
The actor celebrates his birthday today, and Movies.ie thought this was the perfect opportunity to take a look back over his career.
Spacey won Best Supporting Actor for his role as Verbal Kint in THE USUAL SUSPECTS, and his performance as the enigmatic and tricky con is still beloved today. Kint’s final speech in the film is beautifully written by Christopher McQuarrie and has passed into movie legend…

While Spacey’s first screen outing as an evil boss was in SWIMMING WITH SHARKS, he was fantastic in HORRIBLE BOSSES; a role that turned his outing as the downtrodden Lester Burnham (AMERICAN BEAUTY) on its head…

Speaking of Lester Burnham, this was the second role for which Spacey won an Oscar. AMERICAN BEAUTY was praised by critics and fans alike and, although we know the asparagus scene is great, we also love Lester’s resignation letter from his dead end job…

Recently, Spacey has been involved with the Old Vic theatre in London, but still found time to star in the wonderful film THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS. Once again, Spacey plays the bad guy, but his comic timing is a joy to behold.

OK, we know this is not a movie, but Spacey’s best on screen performance in a while has to be as Francis Underwood in Netflix’s HOUSE OF CARDS. Underwood is US Majority Whip, and when he is passed over for a promotion, he undertakes a vendetta against the government he is part of. The role showcases Spacey’s talent for understatement and sarcasm, and the voiceover is just brilliant.

We hope you will join us as we take this moment to wish Kevin Spacey a very happy birthday!

Words: Brogen Hayes