Halloween at The Lighthouse & IFI cinemas in Dublin

Spooky movies on offer this month in Dublin

To celebrate Halloween, you may want to get yourself along to a classic horror film or two. Or perhaps try something a little new for the weekend that’s in it.
Thankfully, both the IFI and the Light House have plenty of what you’re looking for, thanks to the annual Horrorthon (Oct 25th to the 29th) at the former and the newly-minted Fright House (26th to the 31st) at the latter.

Highlights at this year’s Horrorthon include the appearance of actress and director Danielle Harris, who made her big screen debut aged 11 in Halloween 4 before going on to become one of horror’s favourite scream queens through the likes of Blood Night, Killer Bud, further Halloweens and the recent animated series, Godkiller. Harris will be presenting her directorial debut, Among Friends.

On the film front, there’s also Room 237 (examining the hidden messages and meanings in Kubrick’s The Shining), Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral (opening the festival on Thursday 25th at 7.30pm), Ciaran Foyle’s Citadel (26th, 8.30pm; followed by a Q&A with the director) and closing the festival, Clive Barker’s Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut. Full info and list of films at ifi.ie.

Over at the Light House it’s classics all the way, proceedings kick off on Friday 26th October at 6.30pm with Dario Argento’s Suspiria, with an ‘80s doublebill of Child’s Play and Nightmare On Elm Street on Saturday at 8pm and 10.05pm respectively, The Mist on Sunday, Poltergeist on Monday, Halloween on Tuesday – all at 8.30pm – whilst Wednesday sees another doublebill – Room 237 at 6.20pm and a special advanced screening of The Shining at 8.30pm. Full info at lighthousecinema.ie

Finally, jump in the line for BEETLEJUICE at the Sugar Club on 23rd October at 8pm for Burton’s classic Halloween flick.