HAIR LOVE Filmmaker to Direct Afro-Futuristic Animation TUT

Matthew Cherry, the Oscar winning short filmmaker behind ‘Hair Love,’ is teaming up with Sony Pictures Animation for ‘Tut,’ an afro-futuristic, coming-of-age story of the boy king Tutankhamun.

Per Variety, ‘Tut’ is based on an original idea from Cherry and Monica A. Young, and will take audiences on a journey through ancient Egypt and celebrate a culture that introduced the world to countless modern conventions and technologies.

“I’m beyond excited to explore the magical world of ancient Egypt through the eyes of its youngest ruler, King Tut,” said Cherry in a press release. “I’ve always wanted to dive deeper into the legend of the boy king and we can’t think of better partners to embark upon this journey with than Kristine Belson, Karen Toliver and the great people at Sony Pictures Animation.”

Cherry is also in development on ‘Young Love,’ a 12-episode series based on his Oscar-winning short ‘Hair Love’ that Sony Pictures Animation is producing.