George Clooney stars work on Roald Dahl novel adaptation

Some might say that George Clooney is already a fox but now the former ER star is about to play a fox for real in an animated take on the Roald Dahl classic ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’.

The film is to be directed by quirky director Wes Anderson, who previously brought us delights like ‘The Royal Tennenbaums’ and ‘The Darjeeling Limited’

Amanda Conquy, director of Roald Dahl’s estate has given Anderson full creative control, “Whatever Wes does is interesting and has a definite point of view. He understands the humour of Dahl and the sweetness and slightly anarchic nature of this story.”

In a recent interview with the Times, Anderson revealed that he has been trying to make this particular film for eight years, so expect something very special when it hits the screens.