Future Shorts Tomorrow

Catherine, a successful doctor, suspects her husband David, a professor of music, of cheating. She tests his fidelity by hiring an escort to seduce him. Although the couple and their 17-year-old son appear to be the ideal family, their careers and raising a child have put strains on the marriage. Their relationship is suffering greatly from loss of communication and intimacy.Catherine’s attempt to catch David cheating creates complications that put her family in danger.

Future Shorts Ireland will be holding their second ‘Shaw Reel’ Event in the Bernard Shaw tomorrow, 1st March from 4pm. Admission is free.  Future Shorts Ireland aims to provide new and emerging Irish talent with a worldwide platform from which to display their work. Future Shorts provides an immediate global network that Irish filmmakers can access and contribute to.


Films to be screened tomorrow include:


Dir: Rebecca Daly
Ireland – 2006
As ten-year-old Kylie struggles with grief, she discovers that imagination can be more powerful than reality.

The Suburban Train
Dir: Maciej Cuske
Poland – 2005
The documentary is like a journey through Russian society. A wide spectrum of people, situations and behaviours. Funny, witty, refreshing.
At the End of the Sentence
Dir: Marisa Zanotti
United Kingdom – 2005
This darkly comic film follows the emotional journey of two brothers from morning through to night as they try to come to terms with their relationship with their father who stumbles back into their lives one dark Christmas night.


Miss Agnieszka
Dir: Aga Grandowicz
Poland – 2003
A short notion from a world of my imagination – “kakophony” of thoughts and visions, game with an object and its form, game with with assosiations, expressing this, what subconscious and unreal. Film debut.

Boy interrupted
Dir: Tom Rowley, Max Prum
Ireland – 2007
Dejected after being ‘burned’ by his girlfriend, a young man tries to watch porn but must face a series of increasingly surreal obstacles. The film is shot in a delightfully buoyant 1920’s silent movie style.


For a complete list of films or further information on Future Shorts click HERE