Funny People Viral Campaign for the new Adam Sandler movie

See Adam Sandler play a merman, a baby and a dog loving police officer in the viral campaign for new movie ‘Funny People’

Universal have sent us links to some of viral sites that tie in with FUNNY PEOPLE, the new movie from Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen opening next month.
The campaign is similar to what we saw previously in ‘Tropic Thunder’, with a number of fake sites, fake posters and viral videos set-up for characters appearing in the movie. Below are some of the highlights.




1/ Yo Teach!

Yo Teach! is a fake TV show starring Jason Schwartzman’s character Mark Taylor Jackson.

NBC have set up a fake site for the show on their actual homepage which has been so successful it’s sparked internet conversations that it might actually be a real show.

Below is some footage from the fake show, press play to view.







2/ Randy is a site devoted to the comedy of Raaaaaaaandy including a Randy soundboard




3/ Mark Taylow Jackson Site all about Jason Schwartzman’s character, star of the above ‘Yo Teach’
Below is a fake EPK/Interview video where Mark Taylow Jackson introuces the new comedy to viewers.





4/ George Simmons

The final site (for now) is dedicated to Adam Sandler’s character playes George Simmons is packed with clips from George’s movies (Sayonara Davey, Dog’s Best Friend, Re-do), posters from his films, album covers and accolade ads.





The-below viral video features scenes from four George Simmons films including
‘Sayonara Davey’ : a heartwarming comedy about a layabout college grad who’s accidentally sent to Japan as a foreign exchange student — and learns a little something about life in the process.
‘Dog’s Best Friend’, an action comedy about a cop who’s forced to partner with a canine officer after his partner is murdered.
‘Re-Do’, the story of a workaholic lawyer who, on his 40th birthday, wishes he could reclaim his lost youth — and ends up in diapers.

To view the clips, just click on each character image.





Click the 4 boxes above to watch the 4  George Simmons viral videos.


FUNNY PEOPLE opens in Irish cinemas this August.