Fuller Talks Birds Remake

‘The Birds’ remake gains momentum

The planned remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic The Birds has gained momentum, according to the film’s producers.

Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, who are producing the film alongside Transformers’ Michael Bay, have revealed that a script for the reinvention is due within the next couple of weeks.

“We’re expecting a script in the next 2-3 weeks, but…it’s not like Drew, Michael and I think that we’re just going to c**p all over Alfred Hitchcock’s movie,” Fuller told Collider. “I mean, Alfred Hitchcock in a company-wide opinion is probably the greatest director of what we do and other things too.

“And as someone, who at least Michael and I studied in college…there’s a reverence for him. So that’s not a movie that we’re just going to step up and just go have birds attacking people…If we can’t make that movie unique or add something to it, I don’t think we’re going to make it.”

Casino Royale director Martin Campbell will helm the remake, while Eastern Promises actress Naomi Watts has been confirmed as the star.

“Once you get a filmmaker like Martin Campbell and start talking to an actress like Naomi Watts, a project can pick up momentum,” added Fuller. “But they’re not interested in making the same movie that Hitchcock made.”