Fritz Langs last film gets a remake

Nicolas Cage plays EMS paramedic Frank Pierce. It is the early 1990’s and New York has not yet undergone its renaissance of recent years. Surrounded by the injured and the dying, Frank is dwelling in an urban night-world, crumbling under the accumulated weight of too many years of saving and losing lives. The film follows Frank over the course of fifty-six hours in his life – two days and three nights on the job – as he reaches the very brink of spiritual collapse and redemption.

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Peter Hyams will direct the remake of German director Fritz Lang’s last America Film ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’. So far, Micheal Douglas, Amer Tamblyn (The Grudge 2) and Jess Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die) have all signed up to the project. The film focuses on a journalist, who sets himself up as a murder suspect in an effort to show how unreliable circumstantial evidence can be. The original RKO film featured Dana Andrews and Joan Fontaine. Shooting of the remake is scheduled to begin on March 3.