Four Actors Testing For BOURNE LEGACY

Keep reading to find out who will be testing for the lead in the ‘Bourne’ spin-off.

Garrett Hedlund (‘Tron: Legacy’), Joel Edgerton (‘Animal Kingdom’), Dominic Cooper (‘Captain America: The First Avenger’) and Luke Evans (‘Clash of the Titans’) are the actors believed to be screentesting, as soon as April, for the lead role in the ‘The Bourne Legacy.’

The movie which is to be directed by Tony Gilroy (‘Michael Clayton,’ ‘Duplicity’) is a spinoff from 2002’s ‘The Bourne Identity.’ The lead, a Bourne like character, will be living in the same timeline as Bourne, making it possible for Matt Damon to return at some point down the line. The plot accepts everything that has happened in the trilogy and factors it into the storyline.

While the four actors are indeed testing, the list isn’t definitive. Deadline even goes on to suggest that the actor eventually cast for the role may fall outside of the four listed. Other actors possibly in contention are Shia LaBeouf (‘Transformers’), Logan Marshall-Green (‘Devil’) and Taylor Kitsch (‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’). One Direction Gay