Forest Whitaker and Rachid Bouchareb Teaming Up for BILL

Pair working on a remake of 1973 French-Italian thriller.

Variety reports that Algerian filmmaker Rachid Bouchareb (‘London River,’ ‘Days of Glory’) is set to direct ‘Bill’s Law,’ an English-language thriller based on José Giovanni’s 1973 classic psychological drama ‘Two Men in Town’ (Deux hommes dans la ville).

Forest Whitaker is attached to star, playing a Muslim ex-con released from prison after a 10-year sentence. Taking up residence in a small city full of paranoia about outsiders, he receives help from his parole officer and sets about going straight. He soon finds himself pushed to his breaking point when his ex-gang tries luring him back into his former life, and a vengeful cop from his past begins stalking him.

While the original was set in 1970s France, Bouchareb will be moving the action to modern day American, with the film touching on American politics and anti-Arab paranoia.

Filming is scheduled to kick off near the end of the year with Bouchareb directing from a screenplay he co-wrote with his writing partner Olivier Lorelle.