Foreign Oscar Shortlist

Waltz, The Class, Baader Meinhof make nine-film Oscar shortlist

The Academy of Motion Picture Sciences have release the shortlist of nine films for the best foreign language film in the forthcoming Oscar.

Whittled down the list of 65 films the list includes such prominent titles as the Palme d’Or winner “The Class,” from France, and the Golden Globes winner “Waltz With Bashir”.

Other titles contending for five Oscar nominations are Austria’s “Revanche,” directed by Gotz Spielmann; Canada’s “The Necessities of Life” (Benoit Pilon); Germany’s “The Baader Meinhof Complex” (Uli Edel); Japan’s “Departures” (Yojiro Takita); Mexico’s “Tear This Heart Out” (Roberto Sneider); Sweden’s “Everlasting Moments” (Jan Troell); and Turkey’s “3 Monkeys” (Nuri Bilge Ceylon).

Specially selected committees in New York and Los Angeles will now spend this Friday, Saturday and Sunday viewing three films each day, and five nominees will be announced Jan. 22.