Five Unforgettable Bromance Scenes celebrates The Other Guy with 5 Unforgettable Bromantic moments, awww….

ANCHORMAN – Champs Meltdown

It’s Anchorman not Anchorlady and that’s a scientific fact! You have to feel for Champ Kind. After Veronica Corningstone joins the Channel Four News team he goes into a full on meltdown where he confesses to Ron that “. I miss being with you, I miss being near you. I miss your laugh. I miss your scent; I miss your musk” Mmm…better sit out the next talk champ!

HOT FUZZ- Some late night DVD’s

In fairness Edgar Wright’s brilliant suburban action is a deliberate send up and homage to the testosterone soaked action films associated with Michael Bay et all but it’s the late night DVD marathon that takes the buddy cop dynamic to a whole new level. Just look at Danny’s lingering look at Nicholas Angel when he says he can’t turn off from work…priceless.

SUPERBAD- Sleeping Bag Confessions

The sweetest scene in an otherwise filthy gem of a comedy. Hopelessly co-depedent teenagers Seth and Evan discuss how much they will miss each other next year in separate colleges. Sweet, funny and slightly disturbing.

BORAT- Naked Wrestling

Arguably the most infamous and
memorable scene of Sacha Baron’s Cohen’s comedic masterpiece was this
public naked wrestling match. Not exactly as romantic, sweet or awkward
as some of the ones below but hey you have to give it to them…were
else will you see another mans face pressed against another’s
genitals…actually we don’t want to know!!

LORD OF THE RINGS- Frodo and Sam at Rivendell

face it there was always an undercurrent of something going on in the
books but with regards to the films it really came to the front at
Rivendell. Merry and Pippin come in and jump on the bed after seeing
that Frodo is still alive but Sam lingers by the door and gives THAT
look to Frodo…mmm maybe there is more to this employer – gardener
relationship than meets the eye?