Five Great Tony Curits Film

In tribute to Tony Curtis we look back sweet smell of success that was his career…

The Golden Age of Hollywood draws to a close with one of its best and brightest passing away yesterday. In tribute, we look back sweet smell of success that was Tony Curtis’ career:






Curtis starred opposite Kirk Douglas in this unforgettable ‘60 classic.With the cast also including Laurence Olivier, Peter Ustinov, and other high profile actors of the day, it was a clear sign that Tony had arrived.


Some Like It Hot



1959 brought this raucous comedy to the big screen. Curtis starred opposite such big-time names as Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon. It’s the story of musicians who witness a mob hit and flee the area while posing as women to hide their identities. What’s not to love!


Sweet Smell of Success



Curtis smells sweet in this tale of J.J. Hunsecker (Burt Lancaster), a powerful Broadway columnist, and Sidney Falco (Tony Curtis, an ambitious publicist who will do anything to get into Hunsecker’s good graces. He’s so desperate that he agrees to help Hunsecker break up his sister and her musician boyfriend. James Wong Howe’s gritty photography, perfect for the New York shots, is a great backdrop for the stunning script by Clifford Odets and Ernest Lehman that tells a cynical story that was ahead of its time. With strong direction by Alexander Mackendrick, Sweet Smell of Success offers brilliant performances by both Lancaster and Curtis as two unforgettable characters.


Captain Newman, M.D.


Based on Leo Rosten’s novel, Tony joined Gregory Peck, whom Tony remembered “was always so gentle with everyone”. Peck played Newman, the Captain who runs a psychiatric ward in Arizona. With the help of his orderly Jackson (Curtis), he uses unconventional methods to treat his patients…





In 1953 Tony headlined this film about famous escape artist Houdini. Perhaps the best outcome from this venture was not the film but his co-star – Janet Leigh. The two later went on to have daughter actress Jamie Lee Curtis.