Five Great Movie Deaths

With Halloween here we celebrate five classic movie deaths!

Little red riding hood – Don’t Look Now



Don’t Look Now on the whole is a very subtle horror film that’s more psychological than anything else. Donald Sutherland spends the majority of the running time following a hooded figure around the dark alleys of Venice – a figure he believes could be his dead daughter. I’m afraid not Donny boy! In the payoff of the film, it is revealed that the figure is the creepiest little old lady you will ever see. Add to that the fact that she is a homicidal maniac with a large knife and you have the makings of a truly horrible death.


Splat! – Meet Joe Black



Meet Joe Black is a terrible film of course – long, boring and just incredibly smug and irritating. However, we still love this great wallop of a death as winsome old Brad Pitt, his chiselled features and sandy blonde hair glowing in the sunlight has a bit of trouble crossing the road. This is definitely one of the best schadenfreude deaths in cinema. There is something oddly pleasing about seeing Pitt go from “Ooh look how handsome he is!” to “kablammo!” in the space of a few seconds.



Should have taken the stairs – Final Destination 2



The Final Destination series has given us some great deaths but we particularly like this unfortunate lift incident from the second instalment. This one has made us think twice about taking the lift – they’re terrifying things when you think about them, especially after seeing this particular journey. One things for sure, will never be growing a ponytail. Bonus points in this case go for the great squelch at the end!


Be still my beating heart! – Suspiria


Dario Argento’s classic horrors are chock full of beautiful women being murdered in grisly ways. Sounds vaguely misogynistic? Well Argento claims that women look better being murdered on film than men do… we think he has a point! We especially like this blonde lovely meeting a rather bloody end in Suspiria; which takes place in a dance school where the students have a lot more to worry about than achieving the perfect pas de bourree. Watch with discretion folks, this one’s not for the faint- hearted!


Killer moves – Friday the 13th



So Friday the 13th may have a lot of deaths which have more yuck factor than this one; but if you ask us, Violet’s death is a highlight for sheer hilarity and not just for the fact that what is being stabbed is clearly a pillow in a tank top. Frankly, we think that for her criminal dance moves, she pretty much deserves everything she gets. It’s really a valuable lesson – if you think there’s the possibility that a homicidal maniac might be in the neighbourhood, don’t spend a lot of time engrossed in practicing your robot in front of a loud jukebox. Schoolboy error Violet!