Five Film To Dance To

As Step Up 3D hits cinemas, looks at five films to dance to!


A surprise blockbuster hit, “Dirty Dancing” benefitted from the combined forces of dance aficionado director Emile Ardolino, and dancer-turned-movie star Patrick Swayze. Beloved both as a dance and romance, Dirty Dancing sets the standard for all dance movies to come.


Another 80’s dance classic. Kevin Bacon brings dance to a small town where dancing has been banned. A charming, feel-good film with Bacon’s youthful enthusiasm bound to bring a smile to your face.




The story may be corny (a female welder who dreams of becoming a dancer) and the dancing may have been performed by a body double, but this is still a classic. Jennifer Beals as Alex is sassy yet vulnerable and the dancing is unforgettable.




Filmmaker Baz Luhrmann’s breakthrough movie debut injects fresh energy into traditional ballroom moves and the musical comedy genre. An international hit, this is Baz at his best.



Step Up



A guy from the wrong side of the tracks partners up with a ballet dancer… sure we’ve heard this before but the dancing is spectacular making this a must see for any dance fan.