Five Fantastic Movie Cameos

We look at some of the best movie cameos of recent years

THIS IS THE END hits Irish cinemas this week, and has dozens of cameos from famous faces; Rihanna, Michael Cera, Mindy Kaling, Jason Segel and Paul Rudd all turn up at a massive party thrown at James Franco’s house, but the best cameo has to be an axe-wielding, filthy mouthed Emma Watson.
With this in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the best movie cameos in recent years…

Jim Parsons – THE MUPPETS
As Walter and Gary try to decide their true callings in life, they solemnly sing about their feelings. Gary imagines himself in Muppet form, and Walter dreams of what it would like to be human. Walter’s human counterpart just happens to be Jim Parsons, in easily the best cameo of a cameo-filled movie.

Cate Blanchett – HOT FUZZ
Most of you know this by now, but Cate Blanchett plays Janine, the former girlfriend of Simon Pegg’s character, Nicholas Angel. Blanchett was a huge fan of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, but spends all of her screen time on HOT FUZZ with her face covered. This must have been done deliberately, and is a genius piece of frustrating, mysterious casting.
As well as Cate Blanchett, Peter Jackson also makes an appearance in HOT FUZZ, as the Santa who stabs Nicholas Angel at the start of the film. Also, Bill Bailey plays twins. Oh you knew that? Well, good!

Tim Robbins, Ben Stiller and Luke Wilson – ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGUNDY
The showdown finally happens between Ron Burgundy’s Channel 4 News Team and Wes Mantooth’s KQHS Channel 9 Evening News Team. Just as the two lead anchors are about to fight out their differences, every news team in the San Diego area arrives to join the fray. Tim Robbins (Public News Team), Ben Stiller (Spanish Language News) and Luke Wilson (Channel 2 News Team) bring their teams into the fight, which certainly escalates quickly.
Robbins, Stiller and Wilson have some of the best lines of the scene, including ‘You’re about to be in dead place’ and ‘No commercials! No mercy!’.

He and The News may have had The Power of Love, but Huey Lewis also makes an appearance in Back to the Future as the band audition judge who believes that Marty’s 1985 band is just ‘too darn loud’.
Oh Huey, you crack us up!

Bill Murray – ZOMBIELAND
Perhaps the best cameo in recent years is Bill Murray as himself in ZOMBIELAND. The gang are on the run from zombies, and Tallahassee directs them to Bill Murray’s house. Although he looks like one, Murray has not succumbed to the zombie plague; he merely dresses as one in order to fit in and be able to play golf.
Murray has some of the best moments of the movie in his short scene, including re-enacting GHOSTBUSTERS with a vacuum cleaner and naming his one regret as GARFIELD.

What is your favourite movie cameo? Are you a fan of Matt Damon in EUROTRIP? Tom Cruise in AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER? or perhaps Charlie Sheen in BEING JOHN MALKOVICH?
Let us know your favourite movie cameo in the comments below!

Words: Brogen Hayes