Five Actresses Testing for Joseph Kosinksi’s HORIZONS

Actresses vying for two female leads.

Jessica Chastain (‘The Tree of Life’), Olivia Wilde (‘Cowboys & Aliens’), Brit Marling (‘Another Earth’), Noomi Rapace (‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’) and Olga Kurylenko (‘Quantum Of Solace’) are reportedly set to test for the female leads in Joseph Kosinksi’s next directorial effort, the sci-fi epic ‘Horizons.’

Formerly titled ‘Oblivion,’ the movie is set in a post-apocalyptic future, with Tom Crusie as Jack, a man who lives in the clouds above Earth and heads to its surface to repair drones that essentially keep the planet safe from an alien race that has all but wiped out humanity.

Variety reports that the actresses are in contention for the roles of Victoria, Jack’s right-hand woman and lover who serves as his eyes and ears while he’s on repair missions, and Julia, his fiancee on Earth before the alien invasion.

‘Horizons’ is on the fast track over at Universal and is set for a July 2013 release.