Fincher Turns to Kickstarter to Finance THE GOON

Want to help kickstarting the animated adaptation?

Despite having an awesome three-minute “proof of concept” teaser to get Hollywood’s attention, filmmaker David Fincher has been unable to acquire financing for an animated feature based on Eric Powell’s Eisner Award-winning comic ‘The Goon.’ Now Fincher, along with Blur Studios directors Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler, has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to get things rolling.

Their goal is to reach $400,000 (€309,000) in pledges, which they’ll use to create a feature length story reel, complete with vocal performances by Paul Giamatti as “Franky” and Clancy Brown as “The Goon.” Essentially a rough edit of storyboards combined with music and sound effects, the story reel will give the suits in Hollywood “a complete look at the film’s potential.”

A special series of incentives are on offer to those that want to donate, from blog access, t-shirts, limited edition posters, statues and original artwork to a private screening of the finished story reel at Blur Studio Venice, California with Eric Powell and the filmmakers in attendance along with an all-access tour of the studio. So what are you waiting for… get your asses over to the Kickstarter page HERE.

Created by Powell in 1999, the long running comic follows the adventures of a muscle-bound brawler who claims to be the primary enforcer for a feared mobster. The stories have a paranormal and comedic edge to them and concern ghosts, zombies, mad scientists and “skunk apes.” You can check out the excellent “proof of concept” teaser below.