Best Movies of 2010 So Far

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Now that we're half way through 2010, asks what has been the best movie of 2010... so far?

We've just passed the half way mark of 2010, just where did the last 7 months go?

We've had a quiet summer, thanks mostly to the World-Cup. Cinemas were the only place to escape the Vuvuzela sound, but blockbusters were thin on the ground. Now it's all over we have juggernauts like Inception, Toy Story 3 and The A-Team packing them into Irish multiplexes.

2010 has brough over 160 movies to cinemas already, we've cut through the good and the bad and picked 40 of our favourites. But which comes out on top? Pick your five favourites from our suggestions below, or indeed add your own. We'll reveal your winners next week!




Here's your chance to vote, discuss, criticise or praise the best of 2010 (so far). Vote below!





  • vu1999uk

    That list is kind of depressing. Has been a poor year so far at least.
    I went with:
    Bad Lieutenat: Port of Call New Orleans
    Up in the Air
    Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (which I placed in other)

  • ssconnolly

    Someone went for Precious. I thought that was the worst film this year by far. Adn as for my favourites I went for...

    How to Train your Dragon
    Up in the Air
    Shutter Island

    And Get Him to the Greek just missed out.

  • michaela

    I went with
    Up in the Air
    Iron Man 2
    Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    I agree with vu1999uk, it has been a poor year for films with only a small few really standing out. Hopefully the next 6 months will bring some better films.

  • WildRose86

    Alice in Wonderland
    Kick Ass
    Toy Story 3
    Hot Tub Time Machin :$ Was waiting for it for SO long and it was worth the wait!


    Im inbetween Inception and Kick Ass. Probably go with Kick Ass cos wasnt expecting it to be so damn good.

  • ssconnolly

    @WildRose86--- Alice in Wonderland???

  • WildRose86

    Different folks, different strokes!

    Plus it's the whole it was my favourite story growing up, one of my favourite directors and actors, there was no way I wasn't going to love it.

    quote :

    Originally Posted By ssconnolly

    @WildRose86--- Alice in Wonderland???

  • tammyy2j

    For me its Inception closely followed by Shutter Island

  • luluk

    I went for Inception, with Kick-ass and Shutter Island coming in second and third. I think the quality of these three films makes up for the overall lack of good films this year so far.

  • griffiap

    Before reading this I hadn't realized how crap a year it has been for movies. Went with Kick-ass with Inception coming a close second. A good few OK-pretty good movies in the list but very few really outstanding or surprising. Also can't believe Alice in Wonderland in on the list never mind getting votes. Just felt like i was watching a load of really talented people going for the pay check.

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