Emily Blunt Becomes A BRONCO BELLE

Emily Blunt (‘Sicario,’ ‘Into the Woods,’ ‘Edge of Tomorrow’) is set to play the lead role in writer-director Khurram Longi’s bull-riding drama ‘Bronco Belle,’ says ScreenDaily.

Blunt will take on the role of Raylene Jackson, a stubborn but vulnerable and determined American woman with a chip on her shoulder who dreams of being accepted as a professional bull-rider – riding those eight seconds of fury that mark a champion. And she’ll hold on ‘til her fingers bleed.

Longi and his producers, George Isaac (‘Adulthood’) and Allyson Seeger (‘The Hollars’), are aiming to have the cameras rolling by autumn.

“We were driving down from New York and ended up in Texas where by chance we stumbled across the world of rodeo. I had never been to one before. We started to follow the rodeo trail and the world inspired me to write this script. During the writing I was influenced by films like Thelma And Louise and The Colour Of Money,” Longi tells Screen. “For me this is a female Rocky-on-a-bull type of film. I thought it was a great hook. After seeing Emily in Edge Of Tomorrow I thought she would be perfect so had her in my mind as I was writing it.”

You can see the film’s Cannes poster below.