Eckhart suits up for Battle

Eckhart battles aliens in the City Of Angels

Dark Knight star Aaron Eckhart is in negotiations to take the lead role in an action movie for the first time.


Eckhart is attached to star in “Battle: Los Angeles,” a sci-fi actioner that Jonathan Liebesman is directing.


Written by Chris Bertolini, the story revolves around a Marine platoon’s encounter in the battle on the streets of Los Angeles against an alien invasion. Eckhart will play the platoon leader in the film, which has yet to set a start date.


Before his role as Harvey Dent/Two-Face in “The Dark Knight”, Eckhart made his name working on smaller films, such as “In the Company of Men” and “Thank You for Smoking.” He returns to theatres next year opposite Jennifer Aniston in the romantic drama “Traveling.”