Duplass Brothers May Reteam With Jonah Hill for PITCHFORK

Writer-directors to reteam with Hill for dramatic thriller.

24 Frames reports that Mark and Jay Duplass (‘Cyrus,’ ‘Baghead,’ ‘Puffy Chair’) are looking to reteam with Jonah Hill for a dramatic thriller titled ‘Pitchfork.’

The movie will focus on the “middle-aged mother of an indie rocker who, after her son is killed in a car accident, seeks vengeance on an online blogger who had peddled snark about her son (on the music site Pitchfork). Things take a turn, though, when she finds out the snarker is just a teenager.” Hill is believed to be playing the blogger and the brothers are courting Susan Sarandon for the role of the mother.

Hill previously worked with the brothers on their last film, 2010’s dramedy ‘Cyrus’ which co-starred John C. Reilly and Marisa Tomei. The writer-directors have their next, the comedy ‘Jeff Who Lives At Home’ starring Ed Helms and Jason Segel, arriving in cinemas early 2012.