Dublins Aussie Festival Begins

The dark and lingering influence of a former tenant has a horrific effect on the woman currently occupying a run down room in co-directors Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley’s semi-experimental skin-crawling urban nightmare. Her new living space still filled the belongings of former occupant Anthony, the newest tenant of a dilapidated studio apartment listens to the increasingly menacing messages on Anthony’s answering machine before setting about cleaning up the living space and making it her own. Soon haunted by a series of terrifying visions and vivid nightmares however, the increasingly troubled tenant soon learns that you can never truly own that which still belongs to someone who, even in death, is not willing to let go.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

The Australian Film festival kicks off today running in Dublin’s Cineworld until the 13th of April.

This festival program endeavours to show the diversity, quality and innovation that Australian filmmakers embrace, allowing us to see people, as they really are, their diversity and the unique features of their culture.

The festival includes such hightlights as  ‘Two Hands’ –  a tribute piece to the late aussie actor Heath Leger.

Check out Cineworld for a full details.