DR. WHO Star Karen Gillan Takes Lead in OCULUS

Katee Sackhoff to co-star.

Scottish actress Karen Gillan (‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Outcast’) has signed on to take the lead in writer-director Mike Flanagan’s supernatural horror ‘Oculus’ for Intrepid Pictures.

Based on Flanagan’s award winning short film of the same name, “’Oculus’ tells the story of Tim and Kaylie Russel, siblings reunited for the first time since a brutal murder-suicide shattered their family and their childhoods. Institutionalized for most of his life, Tim has come to terms with the tragedy that befell his parents, but Kaylie is convinced that the strange, ornate mirror that hung in her father’s study had a supernatural influence over the violent events. Now she’s tracked the mirror down to an auction house basement and is determined to prove the truth about its powers both to her brother and to the world. As she does, the past bleeds into the present, the ghosts of their childhood are awakened, and they must confront the truth about their shared past at the risk of their sanity…or maybe even their lives.”

Katee Sackhoff (‘Riddick,’ ‘Battlestar Galactica’) is on board to play Gillian’s mother, Marie, in flashbacks.

Trevor Macy and Marc D Evans of Intrepid Pictures are fully financing and producing. Production kicks off next month