Djimon Hounsou Joins TARZAN

Hounsou boards the action adventure…

‘Blood Diamond’ actor Djimon Hounsou has closed a deal to join Alexander Skarsgård (‘True Blood’), Margot Robbie (‘Wolf of Wall Street’), Samuel L. Jackson (‘Captain America: The Winter Solider’), and Christoph Waltz (‘Django Unchained’) in the David Yates-directed ‘Tarzan.’

Based on the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the film follows the famous “ape man” Tarzan (Skarsgård) years after he’s re-assimilated into society. Asked by England’s Queen Victoria to investigate the goings-on in the Congo, Tarzan teams up with an ex-mercenary named George Washington Williams (Jackson) to save the Congo from a fierce warlord who controls a massive diamond mine.

Deadline hears that Hounsou will play the villainous warlord, Chief Mbonga, in the action adventure, with TheWrap adding that young British actor Osy Ikhile is also on board for a “key supporting role.”

Hounsou will next be seen playing Korath the Pursuer in Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ and provides the voice of the villainous Drago Bludvist in ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2.’