DiCaprio plays The Devil

Leonardo DiCaprio to play serial killer in The Devil in the White City

Leonardo DiCaprio will star in the upcoming movie adaptation of The Devil in the White City.

The story follows two men, Daniel H. Burnham and Dr H.H. Holmes. Burnham was the architect behind the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Meanwhile, Holmes was a serial killer pretending to be a doctor. Holmes used the fair to slaughter his victims in his ‘Murder Castle’, a structure containing a gas chamber, dissection table and a crematorium.

DiCaprio will reportedly be playing Dr Holmes in the movie. He will also produce the project with his partner Jennifer Killoran:

“I think that a guy who is that intelligent and that charismatic is nothing less than complex, and it’s that complexity that [DiCaprio] is drawn to,” Killoran said of DiCaprio’s decision to star in the project.

“And because people don’t know much about [Holmes], it makes it even more interesting.”